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  • Name: PE Laundry Basket
  • Number: FTY16-026
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Origin: Mainland China (Shandong) Main functions: storage of debris, clothes, books, magazines, cosmetics, small items, toys.
Brand name: FTY Style: light weight, wet, easy to clean, durable
Product number: FTY16-026 Advantages of goods
FOB price: 1, absolute factory direct sales
Order quantity: 2, does not contain azo type of natural materials
Packaging detail: standard double layer corrugated box 3, in 3-6 days sample
Details of delivery: 45-60 days 4, to provide products and services in a timely manner
Port: Qingdao 5, small orders and mixed orders can be accepted
Payment terms: L/C/T, T 6, the greater the number, the greater the discount
Material texture: Laizhou futianyu Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.
Size: the size you need Office: Wenchang Road, Shandong City, Laizhou Province
Color: any color you want Contact:Mr Yogi Wu
Handle: with and without handle Tel: 8618596149986 or 86-535-2372074
Lid: with or without Fax: 86-535-2372074
Production process: 100% hand knitting E-mail:
Service: size and design can be customized Web:
Q: What is the difference between PP&PE products and straw products?
A:1) All our products are made ofrecycled material, which is very environment friendly.
2) No fumigation requested.
3) Production time will not be influenced by weather.
4)Much more colors available on PP&PE items and the items can bewashed easily.
Q: How to determine your delivery?
A: Since all our products are handmade, the delivery time depends on the quantity, size, style and
how many colors on the items. If you want to know the exact delivery time, pleasecontact our
service staffs.
Q: What’s our advantages ?
A:1).We are manufacturer.
2).All our workers are well trained and skilled, they have at least4 years experience in weaving.
3).We have strict QC members, they will do 100% inline inspection for each order.
4).We have excellent design team, which can keep your offering always fresh.
5).We have professional trade staffs, so you can be sure to get kind and clear answers to your

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