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  • Name: Dirty clothes basket
  • Number: FTY16-037
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Product Details
 material: polyethylene plastic pipe Sizes/color can be customized
Sizes:  OEM and ODM orders are welcome
Packing: standard export carton packing Minimum orders are acceptable
Natural Eco-friendly materials Origin of goods, no middlemen, low prices.
Beautiful design and very functional Payment Terms:  L/C,T/T
Excellent workmanship  

This product is made from PVC pipe woven material is soft, not afraid of water, bright colors,

weaving delicate (pictured), thicker tube preparation. Quality materials, durable. Handmade

Each basket is unique when you see every product is full of spirituality and wisdom to quietly

there exists an infinite moving heart will be filled with joy and gift of nature so rich and

beautiful nature in which all contain endless power weaving dreams look products are compiled

from the traditional manual, because the color too, after the pro-election can only try to meet

the requirements of your main colors, colors intermediate stripes immediately with shipments

of goods may get your desired color slightly There are differences, pro mind, please carefully

shot! Attention: This product occasionally crushed ~ pro in transit can be assured that the

product is very flexible and are not afraid of pressure, we can tidy up after flattening will

restore prototype. Please parents who understand a lot. THX! ! ! Usage: Storage few Laundry,

daily sundries, baby toys. Wide range of uses, whether you put in the bedroom, children's room,

or the bathroom will not affect the appearance of your bedroom.
Washing: no special care and maintenance, cleaning is also very convenient, scrub, rinse can be,

afraid of water, afraid of deformation does not fade

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