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  • Name: Stainless steel skeleton storage basket
  • Number: FTYJ005
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Product parameters
Brand: fu tianyu
Product name: stainless steel handle rectangular storage basket
Product number: FTYJ16-005
Product size:
Product weight:
Production process: pure manual weaving
Product material: PE pipe + steel skeleton
Main functions: storage
Product description:
Fashionable accent to organize almost any space in your home or office. These totes look like rattan,but are made
of a durable easy to clean woven plastic. The chromed metal frame has integrated handles for easy access and carrying.

Pure hand-woven polyethylene plastic hollow tube on a metal frame, spacious basket is durable enough to meet all your storage needs
for storing books, toys, remote controls, CDs, clothes, etc. debris. You can use in the home or office store or hotel, and so on. Product 
quality, beautiful, affordable, vary in size, color and design according to your favorite. Hand-woven storage baskets, not particularly precious
thing, but its behavior is great. In addition it has great storage function, but also allows you to enjoy fine art, a critical issue, it is by the
ingenuity of the peasant woman woven with both hands. Whenever receiving your order, thousands of honest hard-working rural women
always worked day and night, so you do not have to worry about delivery problems, in addition to their technical perfect, do not to their 
technical perfect, do not worry about quality problems.
Our factory in the countryside, cheap labor allows you to spend less to get inexpensive things. This is our competitive advantage. We always
adhere to the first-class management, production-class products, provide first-class service.

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