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  • Name: Hand-woven beach bags
  • Number: FTYB16-028
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Origin: Mainland China (Shandong) Main functions: storage of debris, clothes, books, magazines, cosmetics, small items, toys.
Brand name: FTY Style: light weight, wet, easy to clean, durable
Product number: FTYB16-028 Advantages of goods
FOB price: 1, absolute factory direct sales
Order quantity: 2, does not contain azo type of natural materials
Packaging detail: standard double layer corrugated box 3, in 3-6 days sample
Details of delivery: 45-60 days 4, to provide products and services in a timely manner
Port: Qingdao 5, small orders and mixed orders can be accepted
Payment terms: L/C/T, T 6, the greater the number, the greater the discount
Material texture: Laizhou futianyu Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.
Size: the size you need Office: Wenchang Road, Shandong City, Laizhou Province
Color: any color you want Contact:Mr Yogi Wu
Handle: with and without handle Tel: 8618596149986 or 86-535-2372074
Lid: with or without Fax: 86-535-2372074
Production process: 100% hand knitting E-mail:
Service: size and design can be customized Web:

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